The essence of the Hand-Schuller-Christian disease remains unclear. A number of authors consider it to be a consequence of protonix pills violation of lipid metabolism, in particular cholesterol esters. Others consider it a form of reticulogranulomatosis, related to eosinophilic granuloma and Letterer-Zive disease.

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The disease is characterized by the formation of granulomas consisting of reticular cells, histiocytes, numerous macrophages, polymorphonuclear leukocytes and eosinophils. Cells absorbing lipoids sharply increase in volume and take on a foamy appearance - the so-called xanthoma cells, which are extremely characteristic of this disease. A large number of phagocytic giant multinucleated cells appear. Subsequently, macrophages are destroyed, lipoids are deposited in the tissues, and the entire lesion is sclerosed (organized). The predominant localization of Pantoprazole is the bones of the skull (more often the vault, less often the jaw, the pyramid of the temporal bone, etc.). Ribs, shoulder blades, pelvic bones, rarely vertebrae and long bones (shoulder, thigh) can also be affected.


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As a rule, there are foci of necrosis, hemorrhage and, in the late stage, fields of sclerosis.